It takes many generous and dedicated people and businesses to put Tip a Fool together.

Our thanks go out to the many people and organizations that have helped to make Tip a Fool 2016 happen!


2016 Steering Committee:

Brenda Wilson Citizens’ ED
Brigitte Breault, Decor
Carla Macdonald, Auctions
Chris Hoyer, Auctions
Cindy Barton, Auctions
Colleen Hamilton, Court Muses
Derek Collins, Table Sales
Kathy Hogan, Waiters & Assistants
Kyara Kahakauwila, Event Co-Chair
Lesley Cockrell, Volunteers
Lisa Underdown, Treasurer
Michele Murphy, Event Coordinator
Michelle Le Sage, Event Co-Chair
Paul Hogan, Assistant Waiters
Rosemary Harrison, Auctions & Twitter

Court Muses:

Town Crier –Kenneth Podmore & assistant Rhonda Todrick
Guitarist – Richard Roy
Pianist – Sheril Hart
Piper – Barbara Christofferson
Court Photographer – Alexis Wallters
Court Jesters – Colleen Switzer-Talson, and Sharon Glynn

Our Event Volunteers:

Bruce Fraser
Carla Smart
Cathy Brown
Delaney Walls
Jacob MacDonald
John Gawthrop
Kelsea Felde
Laura Hutcheson
Linda Cooney
Loredana Simpson
Maureen Marsh
Meaghan MacDonald
Melinda Murphy
Mi-Young Jin
Nancy Issenman
Nancy Kidd
Paul Hogan
Pip Crocker
Rob Evans
Shannon Arnold
Shannon Coughlin

While we have made every attempt to honour everyone that has contributed so generously to this event, please let us know if we’ve missed your name on this list. We really are very grateful that you have contributed to your community in this way.